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Unsafe Breakers & Panels

If you have any of these 4 styles of breakers or would just like peace of mind knowing your electrical system is safe, call Dr. Electric. Get a free electrical service inspection and let us determine if your house is safe absolutely free of charge!

Are you at risk for an electrical fire?

The Problem. Old and defective electrical breaker panels can cause your home to catch on fire. A breaker’s purpose is to protect your home’s electrical system. A functioning breaker will trip when any circuit in your home is overloaded. Unfortunately, there are millions of defective breakers in use throughout the country. Many of those are in houses and condos in Kentucky. When these breakers malfunction, the wiring overheats and causes an electrical fire. I’ve personally seen an outlet start a wall on fire due to a faulty breaker. In fact, a quick internet search for the term “Federal Pacific” will illustrate how dangerous this situation is.

Are you at risk? First of all, check the manufacturer of your electrical panel. Open the panel door and the manufacturer’s name will be on the inside of the door. If your panel is manufactured by Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Wadsworth, Push-A-Matic, or Sylvania then you might be at risk. Secondly, check the condition of your electrical panel. If your panel is old, especially if it is located outside of the home and shows signs of weathering, it may also be unsafe.

The Solution. The only solution is to remove the hazardous electrical panel and replace it with a newer, safer panel. This update may even lower your home owner’s insurance rate. Protect your home and sleep better at night!

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